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Apple Watch Leather Bands

Apple Watch Leather bands are a great way to change your look. We have a large variety of different kinds and colours fo Apple Watch leather bands. We carry three types of leather bands genuine leather, crazy horse leather and 100% vegan PU leather.

Leather band are a great way to finish your personal style by achieving a professional look and unique twist to wearing your Apple Watch.

Genuine Leather Bands

Genuine leather bands are made out of cowhide, which makes them very durable and comfortable on skin.

Crazy Horse Leather Bands

Though the name suggests otherwise the Carzy Horse Leather is not made out of horse skin. The leather type in question is often used in horse saddles. The kind of leather is manufactured by applying special wax on the surface of full-grain leather. This gives the leather more durability and when the leather is rubbed or scratched the wax gives it a nice vintage look.

PU Leather

PU leather made out of polyurethane with a thin layer of leather on top. Often the leather on top is not genuine leather, but often artificially manufactured leather, making the band 100% vegan.
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